Desk lamp bakelite Cole

desk lamp cole lovt loft bauhaus design
desk lamp cole lovt loft bauhaus designdesk lamp cole lovt loft bauhaus design

Desk lamp bakelite Cole

Usually produced in a burgundy or dark brown color, this amazing bakelite desk lamp remains as a perfect example of the modernist design from the Bauhaus period. It is still considered one of the most fascinating of its kind. Although it was created in England by Eric Kirkman Cole, the founder of EKCO Ltd in 1926, this lamp was then produced under license, – and exclusively in brown bakelite -, after the second World War by a large company from the Czech Republic, ESC.

It’s reflector or shade is freely and independently steerable from its arm, thanks to an ingenious kneecap. As for the arm itself, it can move back and forth. The TYP 11126 inscription is visible on the front part of the base. Very good vintage condition.


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