Vanity Fair loungechair Poltrona Frau Renzo Frau

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Vanity Fair lounge chair Poltrona Frau Renzo Frau

The design classic Vanity Fair, the iconic lounge chair from 1930 by Poltrona Frau.
Based on the design of the famous 1903 904 model by the Italian Renzo Frau, the founder of Poltrona Frau. The Vanity Fair armchair is known all over the world for its typical round shape and the row of leather-covered nails. The finishing touch to the back and side of the armchair.
This chair has perfect proportions and is very precisely designed. It is therefore fantastic, the seat cushion is filled with goose down.

You can see the craftsmanship in this chair. So beautifully handmade. The professionals at Poltrona Frau are true learning artists. And the quality is great. The weight of this armchair alone.
The chair is labeled and numbered with a 24 karat gold-plated label on the back. This lounge chair is approximately 8 years old and is in absolute mint condition. Beautiful cognac / dark brown leather leather.

An absolutely very special object for your living room. But it also works great as a lounge chair in a lobby.


Vanity fair van Poltrona Frau fauteuil Renzo Frau design klassieker

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