Vintage Marcel Breuer chairs stoelen MG5 B34 Matteo Grassi Thonet set

Vintage Marcel Breuer chair MG5 B34
Vintage Marcel Breuer chair stoel MG5 B34Marcel Breuer vintage chair MG5 B34Marcel Breuer chair vintage MG5 B34.jpgMarcel Breuer chair vintage B 34 MG5Marcel Breuer chair vintage B 34 MG 5Marcel Breuer chair vintage B34 MG5

Vintage Marcel Breuer chairs MG5 / B34 Matteo Grassi Thonet

Marcel Breuer designed these Bauhaus chairs. Most likely for Matteo Grassi, otherwise they are Thonet chairs. We have conducted a major Google search, but cannot say for sure.
It is 100% certain that Marcel Breuer is the designer. We have taken over this set of six B34 dining table chairs from the first owner. The MG5 chairs were bought in 1987 at an interior design store in Antwerp. The chairs are in excellent condition after 33 years. Beautiful vintage design furniture.
The strong cognac-colored saddle leather is still so beautiful. Very few signs of use. Only one chair has a small tear in the leather (see photo). The Breuer chairs got new leather on the bottom a few years ago because it was a bit cracked, not visible. It has been done very professionally by a quality furniture store.

Price is for the set of six Marcel Breuer chairs

61 cm wide
55 cm deep
79 cm high

Designer Marcel Breuer

The architect and designer Marcel Breuer was one of the most influential supporters of modernism in the 20th century. His early work was influenced by the minimalist Dutch design movement De Stijl – especially the work of architect Gerrit Rietveld. In 1935 Marcel Breuer, like other Bauhaus architects Walter Gropius and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, left for the United States. In 1928 Thonet and Marcel Breuer entered into an agreement about their own extensive collection of tubular steel furniture. The B32 (now S32) by designer Marcel Breuer has been in Thonet’s catalog from 1930 and is still a very good selling steel chair in countless versions. It consists of chromed steel and reed in a bentwood frame.
This B32 chair forced Breuer into a copyright agreement with the architect Mart Stam chair who had designed an almost identical chair a year earlier. Mies van der Rohe also designed a similar chair, but it was Breuer’s B32 that served as the model for countless other similar chair designs.
He became a mentor at Harvard in 1937. And until 1941 Marcel Breuer ran an architectural firm together with Walter Gropius. After that Breuer opened his own architectural office.
In 1947, New York’s Museum of Modern Art began a touring exhibition of his work.

The most famous pieces of furniture are made of tubular steel, including the Marcel Breuer Wassily chair and the Cesca chair. Whether tubular chairs or wood, Breuer’s design furniture is elegant designs of classic modernist design – useful and suitable for any environment.

Marcel Breuer died in New York in 1981.


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