Vintage De Sede DS 44 stoel De Sede vintage DS44 fauteuil chair DS-44 desede

vintage de sede ds 44 chair stoel ds44
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De Sede DS 44 DS44 armchair chair

Amazing armchair De Sede sofa, is great. The quality of De Sede furniture is very special. You rarely come across such heavy furniture, such beautiful leather. This De Sede lounge chair is in very good vintage condition. Made from medium brown / cognac very thick neck leather of the very best quality. You can of course buy a De Sede outlet chair, but De Sede second-hand is much nicer. We clean and grease all furniture. And they are like new again. These beautiful pieces of furniture deserve a second life. That is also good for the environment.

De Sede

The Swiss De Sede started more than half a century ago in the workshop of a small but experienced saddler in Klingnau. De Sede’s professionals want to make the best possible leather seating furniture. Traditional handicrafts are still an important part of this. Every De Sede product is beautifully made. Super quality, the furniture is so heavy, often with a steel frame. Made of the very best thick cow leather. Quality is the most important aspect in their entire process. They place high demands on themselves and also on the choice of skins that are used. Only bulls raised in southern Germany or Switzerland where the bulls receive the best care are considered good enough. The quality of the leather is second to none! Really a De Sede sofa or De Sede couch, it makes you so happy. A lot of vintage De Sede is for sale at LOVT.


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