Zig Zag chair Gerrit Rietveld 1950

Rietveld De Stijl Zig Zag chair design classics lovt
Rietveld De Stijl Zig Zag zigzag chair design classics lovt1Rietveld De Stijl Zig Zag zigzag chair design classics lovt2Rietveld De Stijl Zig Zag zigzag chair design classics lovt3Rietveld De Stijl Zig Zag zigzag chair design classics lovt5Rietveld De Stijl Zig Zag zigzag chair design classics lovt4Rietveld De Stijl Zig Zag zigzag chair design classics lovt6

<p>Gerrit Rietveld Zig Zag chair G.A. van de Groenekan

Unique and hard to find Zig Zag chair by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, produced in 1950. Design iconic chair of all design chairs, this ultra rare and worldwide known ZigZag chair designed by one of the most important designers Holland has ever known. This is probably one of the most known design chairs ever. It was originally designed in 1934 but was produced and made till now. There were several manufacturers, Rietveld, his cabinet maker and now Cassina. Even after Gerrit Rietveld died, Gerard v.d. Groenekan made several chairs. V.d. Groenekan was Rietvelds carpenter and he made most of his chairs after the very first that were made by Rietveld himself.

White stained pinewood, four rectangular sections, the two middle sections of tapering form, the seat and back joined by ‘comb-system’ dovetailing, with two solid wedges set in acute angles, two pierced holes in the back and three in the seat, the wedges fixed with brass nuts and bolts, the back lacking a carrying groove. height 76 cm.

A very desirable chair which will suit perfectly in a high-end collection.


This chair was owned by Mr Van Grunsven, head designer of Gerrit Rietveld from 1950-1959, and is still owned by the family Van Grunsven. In there house it was just a chair, something for daily use. For example, the daughter has a picture that as a little girl sitting in the washtub, which is on the Zigzag Chair. Now it’s really an amazing work of art, but at that time it was obviously quite different.

This old Zig Zag chair was a gift of Gerrit Rietveld for her father Van Grunsven for his wedding. Long ago he wanted to sell it at an auction by Sothebys.
However, he decided not to keep it. He was too attached to the chair, it had real sentimental value for him. Not knowing that these chairs and Rietveld’s work would be very famous.

Full provenance report or a conversation (by phone) with the daughter of Van Grunsven about the provenance is of course possible with the sale.</p>


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