Westnofa fauteuil Relling Neilson

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Westnofa fauteuil Relling Neilson

Zeer zeldzame bijzondere stoel van hoge kwaliteit van Westnofa. Nergens op google te koop kunnen vinden!

Ontwerper Ingmar Relling en/of Jens Neilson. Heeft een stalen frame en zwart leer. Het armframe stopt net voor de rug van de stoel, geeft heerlijk comfort.
Goede vintage conditie.
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Very rare special seat of high quality of Westnofa. Nowhere to find on google for sale!
Designer Ingmar Relling and / or Jens Neilson.

This chair is absolutely stunning. Is has an chrome steel frame on supple leather padding. The arms curve up to meet the back of the chair but are not connected, this give a slight spring which adds to the comfort and echoes all that is Westnofa. No doubt these where designed by one of the Westnofa masters, either Ingmar Relling or Jens Neilson. This chair is in very good condition and has normal light wear.

Comfortable circa 1970 relaxed and flexible Chrome plated Steel and Black Leather Scandinavian Modern Easy Chair. Great sculptural addition to any room.

Ingmar Relling

Furniture designer Ingmar Relling started his career at Rastad & Relling design studio in 1947, where he worked until 1950, before establishing his own studio in Sykkylven. In 1954 Relling designed the foldable chair Nordic for Vestlandske M.belfabrikk. In the 1950’s and 60’s he adapted his models to more rationalised and industrialised means of production. Ingmar Relling’s highlight and international classic was armchair Siesta. It earned him first prize at the Industry Council for Furniture and Furnishing Industry Chair competition in 1965. Perhaps Relling’s most distinctive work from the 1970’s is the armchair Tema, from 1973. Tema was inspired by Siesta, but made from flat steel. Today Siesta is produced by Rybo AS.